Broken Record!

August 29, 2017 Lane Hensley 0
Neighbors 4 Neighbors served 294 clients today (previous record 292), representing almost 1200 household members, providing food, spiritual friendship, and today, ice cream, as temperatures […]

Help us help N4N

August 29, 2017 Lane Hensley 0
With temps expected to hit 117 today, we’re going to serve ice cream to an anticipated big crowd at Neighbors4Neighbors. Can you help with some […]

16A: Finding Moses

August 24, 2017 Hovak Najarian 0
A new Pharaoh became concerned that the Israelites in Egypt would increase and then in the future, collude with enemies.  He sent taskmasters to oppress […]

Savior from on high

August 23, 2017 Lane Hensley 0
The larger of two major air conditioning units for Karns Hall failed earlier this month, leaving the smaller unit trying (and failing) to carry the […]