Karns Kitchen Subcommittee Forming

Interested in working on the Karns Kitchen Reconstruction subcommittee? See the drawing and to do list below, and if you’re interested in participating, email Vince Heuring, heuring@mac.com  Probable meeting time: after the 10:00 service this Sunday.

Decisions to be made for Karns Kitchen Design

1.  Vet the diagram
2.  Select Contractors for all below, deliver date, construction
3.  Flooring kind and color
4.  Any shelves, kind, and location.
5.  Service Island size, top material and color, under island
    design, sink type.
6.  Cabinet size, top material and color, kind of cabinet
7.  If desired, Microwave Oven make and model, location
8.  If desired, Ice Maker make and model
9.  Design of free-standing sink
10. Dishwasher make and model
11. Stove: Make and model.