A Message from the Episcopal Public Policy Network of California

More than a year ago, the Bishops of the six dioceses in California began discussing the desirability of forming a California-focused public policy network. This fall, with the support of the Office of Social Justice & Engagement of The Episcopal Church, work began in earnest. Each bishop selected representatives to meet to determine how to form a statewide policy and advocacy network. The Rev. Kay Wood and The Rev. Janine Schenone agreed to represent the Diocese of San Diego.

The EPPN-CA aims to facilitate joint statements on the part of the Bishops where they wish to take a formal policy position together, and to inform statewide Episcopalians about issues where Christian engagement might be effective and to urge individuals and congregations to get involved.

Although the Episcopal Public Policy Network of California (EPPN-CA) is still in the formation stages, work has begun. In June, the committee helped draft the bishops’ statements on Conversion Therapy (Supporting AB 2943) and the statement on Family Separation as part of immigration policy and the separation of families.

The bishops and the EPPN-CA Formation Committee are learning as they go. For the moment, they are pleased to share the foundational statement developed over the summer as a way of introducing themselves to the broader Episcopal community. Questions about the EPPN-CA can be directed to any of the diocesan representatives or to the Bishop.

If you wish to be informed about what the EPPA of California is sending to Sacramento, please leave your name and email address at the Compassion and Justice table.

For more information, please contact Kay Wood at (760) 565-1373.