CAT Survey Results Released

There were 208 people who took the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) Survey. The results are in and are highly helpful. You took time to write almost 300 comments, all of which are being used for future planning.

The congregation took a similar survey in 2017, and leaders began working with those results right away. The current survey shows great progress since that time. Whereas the 2017 results showed ten factors warranting attention urgently or very, very soon, this survey shows none in those categories.

We moved from “low energy” to “high energy,” and moved much closer to the “high energy/high satisfaction” quadrant. Scales measuring our satisfaction in eight areas improved overall by more than 100% (Key areas of improvement were “governance,” and “readiness for ministry,” both of which improved more than sixfold). The “conflict management” score stayed the same. Hopefully, completing our workshop on “Conflict Transformation Skills” after the survey, and applying those skills as we addressed the issue about display of flags in the church have had a positive impact in this area.

The survey report is presented in a somewhat technical way, and the diocese sent trained interpreters to meet with your Vestry, Profile and Call Committee members, and staff; we all spent three hours with the details. Anyone who wants to learn more will be welcome to stay for a time dedicated to the CAT at the conclusion of the October 19 session on the history of St. Margaret’s and where we want to go in the future.