Conflict and Reconciliation Workshop Coming in June

Over 50 parishioners attended our workshops on April 2 and 3 about practices and behaviors of healthy congregations. The second round will occur on the evening of June 21 and all day on June 22. The topic will be Conflict and Reconciliation. All leaders of ministry groups are encouraged to attend.

Attendance at this workshop is VERY important for those individuals who desire to serve on the Call Committee.

Please contact Debby Jansma in the church office to add your name. You do NOT need to have attended the April sessions to come in June!

This workshop will help you appreciate. . .

●  That conflict need not be bad, but is an opportunity for growth.

●  The Biblical basis for conflict transformation.

●  Your own style of responding to conflict.

●  The communication skills necessary to resolve conflict peacefully.

●  Strategies for preventing destructive conflict in the church family.

●  A model for working at congregational decision-making in a win-win manner.