Important Transition News: Vestry and Clergy Developments

Last Saturday, the Vestry and Staff met with the Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell, Director of Formation and Transition at the Diocese.  After hearing from each person, she reflected back her pleasure at many signs of health and growth within St. Margaret’s.  She then reviewed with us each of the tasks that will take us from here to installation of our next rector.  The first step will be our workshop on April 2 and 3 to forge collective understanding about how to be and stay healthy in all our dealings.  Anyone in the congregation is welcome to attend, and those who hope to serve on a future Call Committee should be sure to attend.  Please contact Debby Jansma to reserve a spot.   The rest of the planning/retreat day was spent opening conversation about possible directions and visions for St. Margaret’s.  The Vestry will be defining ample ways for all members of our church community to weigh in with perspectives and ideas.

We know that God will guide and sustain us in the process ahead.  Indeed, the Holy Spirit has been planting seeds already that will soon bear wondrous fruit for us.  A newly ordained priest, Patricia Horkey, is available to serve part-time with an emphasis on pastoral care.  While newly ordained, she has rich and relevant life experience.  A teacher for over 20 years, Pastor Horkey also served as a missionary in Uganda and the Bahamas and lived in a monastic setting.  She is especially called to work with those who are aging and developed a program connecting the elderly and their caregivers to available services.  Just as her availability began to spark thoughts here, another development occurred.  Our Associate Rector Deb Seles has been co-leading seminars for the whole Diocese on Authentic Episcopal Evangelism, drawing from new initiatives in the Diocese of London. Research and thought about new ways of being church have been a continuing focus for her, and she feels called to offer leadership in this area both within and beyond St. Margaret’s.  The two converging developments have pointed toward a clear path, which we will embark upon beginning April 1.  A portion of Mother Deb’s time will be spent working as a resource beyond St. Margaret’s, and this work will be funded by the Diocese.  This exploration of new initiatives to extend the reach of the Gospel will unquestionably pay dividends here at home, as lessons are learned elsewhere.  To enable this, Pastoral Care will be taken off Mother Deb’s plate and Pastor Horkey will be retained part-time to provide this service.  In addition to providing pastoral care, her charge will include working with our current Pastoral Care Team, identifying others who are called into the ministry, and developing consistent training.  She will serve with mentoring and back-up from Pastor Kathleen and will be with us on some Sundays.  Our Deacon, Cherry Remboldt, will continue to be a key participant in pastoral care as well.

The Rev. Kathleen Kelly, Lead Pastor / Jan Romerdahl, Senior Warden