Journeying the Way of Love – Advent Calendar

I remember the Advent calendar that my grandparents would send to me when I was a young child. Each window in the calendar corresponded to a day in Advent, and when I opened the window for that day, there was a chocolate surprise waiting for me…Belgian chocolate usually.

When the Presiding Bishop gave the sermon at the wedding of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex earlier this year, he spoke about the power of love. It became the theme, Journeying the Way of Love, and the national church has produced a series of materials for Advent related to this theme. They’ve also created an Advent Calendar based on the Gospel Readings from Luke. The daily reflections on the calendar are easy to incorporate in your own daily lives.

If you’ve been looking for an Advent calendar to guide you through the season, you can download a copy of it by clicking here.

There’s just one small catch…you won’t find chocolate treats hidden in this’ll have to provide them yourself.

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