Karns Hall Kitchen Inaugurated on Sunday

The new (nearly completed) Karns Hall Kitchen was inaugurated on Sunday, July 28, after both services. The festivities included freshly-baked cookies from the new ovens, beverages, live music and a full house.

New ovens and ranges
New sinks
New commercial dishwasher

One of the unique features of the kitchen is the dishwasher. It can wash, rinse and sanitize dishes in exactly 90 seconds! Check out the video below!

“Chef” Mark Austin baking cookies

Work will continue on the kitchen until it has been completed. Donations to the kitchen fund are still welcome, and anyone who wishes to join the Kitchen Angels may volunteer by contacting the office.

We are grateful to the work of our Kitchen Committee members: Mark Austin, E.S. Cecile, Shirley Coombs, Andy Duvall, Mary Ann Ekman, Gene Erickson, Bruce Fowler, Barbara McEwen, Berneil Mroz and Eva Myers.

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