Karns Hall Repair Project

As many of you know, the kitchen area of Karns Hall has had its challenges over the years with A/C condensation drips from the ceiling. It has reached the point of needing to be repaired. 

Karns Hall and Kitchen will be closed for the summer while repairs to the ceiling and A/C platforms are being done. Due to the age of the A/C units in the building, they are being replaced with newer models which will be more energy efficient. Along with this work, the old cupboards and appliances in the kitchen will be removed so that we can start fresh with some ideas and plans for the kitchen. There is a committee working on a plan for the space.

The Vestry has approved a proposal from our current A/C vendor to complete this work. Because Karns Hall will be used as polling place for the June 5 primary election, repairs will begin immediately after that date. The cost of the project is being funded from reserve accounts that we have just for these types of maintenance and emergency issues. These accounts are similar to the reserves that homeowners’ associations, school districts and most entities keep for similar purposes.

This project will have no effect on our current year’s budget, and there will be no request for funding from the congregation. 

If you have questions about this project, please contact the Senior Warden, Jan Romerdahl. Jan’s email address is janromerdahl@gmail.com. 

Better yet, please attend a Q&A forum with Jan after both the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. services on June 3.