Know Your Vestry – Brenda Thayer

Brenda and her first grandchild Charlotte

Brenda Thayer was elected to the Vestry at the 2018 annual meeting and is a member of the Vestry Class of 2021.

Brenda has attended St. Margaret’s since 2005 and attends the 8:00 service primarily. She is married to Ed Thayer, and they have two sons. Eddie works for Phillips 66 in Houston, and his wife Sally works for a pharmaceutical company. The other son James works for a law firm in San Francisco, and his wife Lauren works for Genentech. James and Lauren are the parents of Charlotte, Brenda and Ed’s first grandchild. In addition, Brenda and Ed share their home with a black standard poodle named Madison who loves to go on walks and be the center of their lives.

Brenda earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the College of New Rochelle in New York and her Juris Doctor from the Loyola University School of Law.

Brenda practiced law with the Simon and Sheridan law firm prior to opening her own practice, specializing in litigation law. She later moved into real estate construction, development and sales. She is currently retired.

At St. Margaret’s, Brenda assists her husband Ed with his Sunday classes and is the organizer of the restorative yoga classes currently offered. Brenda generously donated the mats and other equipment that are used in the yoga class. This came about as a result of a conversation with two other Vestry members during the drive to the Vestry retreat at Camp Stevens last year. She has also taught a memoir writing class.

As a Vestry member, Brenda would like to see more fun activities at St. Margaret’s, including events and classes that would interest everyone.

When asked about St. Margaret’s, she said, “I love a good sermon and have enjoyed many through the years. My husband’s round table between the Sunday services attracts so many wise and interesting people—I love these folks and hope more people will come downstairs and join us.”

You can reach Brenda by e-mail at

This is the first article in the series Know Your Vestry for 2019. We hope that these articles will help you learn more about your Vestry. The next article will appear in a few weeks.

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