Know Your Vestry – Jane Hodnik

Jane Hodnik
Jane Hodnik

Jane Hodnik was elected to the Vestry at the annual meeting in 2017 and is a member of the Vestry Class of 2020.

Jane has attended St. Margaret’s for the past 13 years as a seasonal member. She primarily attends the 10:00 service. She and her husband Jim are celebrating their 50th anniversary this month!

Jane is a graduate of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she worked as the assistant to the Purchasing Agent at a manufacturing firm. She also worked as the interior designer and manager of the interior design studio at Gimbels Department Store in Milwaukee and served as executive director of St. Francis Foundation, Milwaukee, raising money for St. Francis Hospital, Villa St. Francis and Child Development Center. These experiences allowed her to develop her talents of being creative, working with people and in planning numerous/various events.

At St. Margaret’s, Jane is currently the President of the Daughters of the King chapter and is completing her third year in this position. As President of the chapter, she has the responsibility of leading the members in prayer, service and evangelism and encouraging each member to write/re-write and live a Rule of Life.

As a Vestry member, Jane enjoys being part of the leadership of St. Margaret’s and working together to “make things happen.” Her goals are to help share the news of St. Margaret’s along with promoting its value in the church and in the community. And she added, “I want to continue to learn about the church in order to make wise decisions and help manage the church for the congregation.”

When asked how St. Margaret’s has enriched her life, she said, “In so many ways. I found that in order to gain friends and spiritual growth, I joined committees and attended numerous group studies and seasonal services. This participation helped me meet people and find some wonderful friends. SMEC has many, many ongoing opportunities to find something for everyone. It especially has offered me friendships with people who think the way I do regarding love, learning and God.”

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