Know Your Vestry – Jim Hatfield

Jim Hatfield

Jim Hatfield was elected to the Vestry in January 2018 and is a member of the Vestry Class of 2021.

Jim has attended St. Margaret’s since 1999, when his wife Marcia came to serve as the Head of St. Margaret’s School. They attend the 10:00 service primarily. Jim and Marcia have two sons, Brian who lives in Seattle and Chris who lives in Big Sur. They also share their home with their two dogs, Bica and Scruffy.

Jim has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and was an active pilot for 38 years prior to his retirement. During his flying career, he served as a civilian charter pilot and flight instructor, search and rescue pilot in the United States Coast Guard for 18 years, and was a commercial airline pilot for 13 years. He has flown in Alaska which is known for some of the most challenging flying conditions in the world.

At St. Margaret’s, Jim was involved in the Whitewater Park food distribution program from 2003 to 2011. He currently serves as a volunteer with Neighbors 4 Neighbors. He is also a member of the Facilities Committee which was established by the Rector and Vestry this spring to assist in the management of the physical plant of St. Margaret’s. His knowledge of engineering and construction make him a very valuable member of this team.

As a Vestry member, Jim’s goal for 2018 is to “do whatever I can to help.”

When asked about St. Margaret’s, he said, “St. Margaret’s has given me the opportunity to meet good friends and to have a rewarding experience as a volunteer.”

You can contact Jim by e-mail at

This is the sixth article in the series Know Your Vestry for 2018. We hope that these articles will help you learn more about your Vestry. The next article will appear in early August.

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