Know Your Vestry – Laura Johnson-Bickford

Laura Bickford
Laura Bickford

Laura Johnson-Bickford was elected to the Vestry in January 2017 and is a member of the Vestry Class of 2020.

Laura has attended St. Margaret’s since 2004 and attends the 10:00 service. She has been married to Art Bickford since 1983, and they have one daughter Jesse and a seven-year old granddaughter Willa who live in Southern Oregon.

She is a graduate of the University of California, Davis was a Bachelors Degree in English. She completed her Masters Degree in English at San Francisco State University, and earned her teaching credential at Cal Poly SLO.

Laura currently teaches IB (International Baccalaureate) English and co-teaches IB Theory of Knowledge at La Quinta High School, where she also serves as Co-Chair of the English Department. She says that she has worked a million jobs from “newspaper boy to waitress to hotel maid.” She also worked in the corporate world as a sales assistant for Time Life Magazines, but was drawn 25 years ago to the job she currently has. As she puts it, “I’m doing the work I think I’m here to do, which is to teach English to high school students.”

In addition to serving on the Vestry, Laura is a member of the St. Margaret’s Choir and is also involved with Desert Friends of Music. She is a Vestry liaison for Worship.

As a Vestry member, Laura’s goals for 2018 are to see, hear and learn more deeply the mission of St. Margaret’s, and to help us live it out in community.

When asked about St. Margaret’s she said, “St. Margaret’s has enriched my life in many ways — large and small — or maybe all large ways, beginning with joining the choir almost as soon as I moved to The Desert. My EfM experience deepened my experience immeasurably and the friendships made and the learning gained along the way have been priceless.”

You can contact Laura by e-mail at

This is the fifth article in the series Know Your Vestry for 2018. We hope that these articles will help you learn more about your Vestry. The next article will appear at the end of June.

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