Know Your Vestry – Robin Nugent

Robin Nugent was elected to the Vestry in January 2016 and is a member of the Vestry Class of 2019.

Robin has attended St. Margaret’s since 2000 and attends the 8:00 service primarily. She met her husband online nine years ago, and they have been married more than two years. Between them, they have three sons. Bob’s son Brian is a venture capitalist who lives in La Jolla, and his other son Tim owns an industrial design firm and lives in Santa Monica. Robin’s son Jack lives in Irvine and is learning the mortgage business. As Robin put it, “All our sons are two and a half hours away, like we planned it that way!”

Robin stated the she’s a “creature of following” her family in regard to her education. She graduated from Marlborough, a girls’ school in Los Angeles that was also attended by both of her grandmothers, her mother, three aunts and a cousin. She then followed both of her parents to Stanford (where they had met and married) where Robin majored in Art History.

Following her graduation from Stanford, Robin embarked on a 41-year career in the banking business, working at Security Pacific Bank, Bank of America and US Bank before she chose to retire. She said, “I had a very varied career full of great ground-breaking opportunities as a senior management woman.”

At St. Margaret’s, Robin is involved in Daughters of the King, Neighbors 4 Neighbors, the Stewardship Committee and the Worship Committee (Daily Office Team). She has also served previously as Stewardship Chair. 

Her goal as a Vestry member is to partner with the clergy and staff to make St. Margaret’s the best church in the Coachella Valley!

When asked about St. Margaret’s, she said the impact on her life was beyond description. “I have met wonderful people of faith, learned new ways to deepen my faith, learned a lot about myself and others and have had a lot of fun and laughter along the way!”

You can reach Robin by email at

This is the seventh article in the series Know Your Vestry for 2018. We hope that these articles will help you learn more about your Vestry. The next article will appear in a few weeks.

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