Living Without Fear’s April Symposium

Living Without Fear

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared on a CNN Town Hall recently and was asked by a member of the audience what he thought could be done to prevent gun violence in schools.

He replied, “I can speak as a former law enforcement leader, one of the things we can do much better at is connecting our educators, our law enforcement, and our public health, mental health community.  I’ve learned from educators and cops and docs all over the country that there are all kinds of impediments to sharing information in a good way so we can identify troubled souls earlier and get them the help they need, the intervention they need much more quickly.”

In April, our own Living Without Fear ministry sponsored a symposium, in partnership with the University of California, Irvine, School of Law, that did exactly what former Director Comey had mentioned. Entitled “Interpersonal Violence in the Coachella Valley: A First Look at Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence Prevention,” the symposium brought together members of the education, nursing, law enforcement, mental health, medical and legal communities from around the Coachella Valley to discuss ways in which these groups can collaborate in the future to prevent violence from taking place in our community.

According to Meredith Hardy, chair of the Living Without Fear ministry, they hope “to encourage continued interdisciplinary exploration into the future with similar discussions and action plans.”

Funding for this symposium was provided by a grant from The University of California, Irvine, School of Law, as well as the Diocese of San Diego through a Fearless Love grant, and by St. Margaret’s.

For more information about Living Without Fear, contact Meredith Hardy by email at

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