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The Vestry Nominating Committee forwarded the names of four St. Margaret’s members for consideration by the Vestry at its January meeting. The Vestry unanimously accepted their recommendation.

The nominees are Ginger Bonnar, Christopher Davidson, Tenny Mickey PhD and Dr. Elaine “Ellie” Millam.

Ginger Bonnar

Ginger Bonnar has been a member of St. Margaret’s for the past 15 years and attends the 10 a.m. service. At St. Margaret’s, she has been involved as in formation activities (study groups) and has volunteered in the office counting money for the past two years. Prior to retirement, Ginger worked in human resources for more than 30 years as an Employee /Labor Relations Consultant.

When asked why she wants to serve on the Vestry, she said, “My husband and I started to attend St. Margaret’s when we purchased our home in June 2004. We would vacation 60 days a year at our home in the desert until we retired and moved to our home fully time in November 2016. Unfortunately my husband Paul passed away in December 2017. We both have loved St. Margaret’s from the first Sunday we attended. St. Margaret’s has become a very special environment for me as a widow, and I have loved my involvement with my special famiiy of friends. I would like to give more of my time to St. Margaret’s and believe the Vestry would serve that purpose.”

Christopher Davidson

Christopher Davidson has been a member of St. Margaret’s for the past five years, although he has been a confirmed Episcopalian for much longer. He attends the 10 a.m. service. At St. Margaret’s, he has been involved in our Outreach Ministries, served on the Communications Committee, and most recently was co-chair of the 2020 Stewardship Campaign. Chris worked in the television industry for many years, including work as Creative Executive for “Touched by an Angel” on CBS. He has also served in numerous capacities as a non-profit volunteer.

When asked why he wants to serve on the Vestry, he said, “My volunteer work as a mentor to recovering alcoholics gives me the great gift of experiencing God at work restoring broken lives every day. I hope to bring that healing perspective to the Vestry.”

Tenny Mickey PhD

Tenny Mickey PhD has been a member of the Episcopal Church for more than 40 years and has worshiped at St. Margaret’s for the past three years. She attends the 10 a.m. service primarily. Professionally she has worked as an executive with numerous major companies, including IBM, Xerox, Disney and 20th Century Fox, and currently serves as an organizational psychologist with Microsoft, Facebook, Blue Shield and others.

When asked why she wants to serve on the Vestry, she said, “I have worked with a diverse set of priests, spiritual leaders and congregants. I feel an obligation to serve by integrating my moral, social, professional and spiritual life more cohesively. My intention is to encourage an environment where together each parishioner, current and future, feel spiritual enrichment, comfort and calmness when service God at St. Margaret’s.”

Dr. Elaine “Ellie” Millam

Dr. Elaine “Ellie” Millam has been a member at St. Margarets for approximately ten years and usually attends the 10 a.m. service. At St. Margaret’s, she serves as an usher and is a member of the Compassion and Justice team. She has also been part of study groups and the welcome committee, and she has led and taught a variety of classes at St. Margaret’s. Her professional experiences include working as an executive at Honeywell, Inc., VP of Human Resources at the Wilder Foundation in Minnesota, leading two non-profit organizations and she has taught in several different universities.

When asked why she wants to serve on the Vestry, she said, “I would be honored to serve on the Vestry as I would like to help in shaping the future at St. Margaret’s to be ever more focused on outreach in our community, providing new and stimulating ideas for how St. Margaret’s can be truly a servant of God’s words and action in our Valley and beyond. I would also like to become more familiar with the Episcopal Church as I was raised in and served on the board of a liberal ELCA Church in Minnesota.”

This slate of nominees will be voted on at the annual meeting on January 22, 2020. Per the by-laws of the parish, “Other individuals may be nominated from the Parish Membership at large, provided the proposed names have been submitted in writing to the Clerk of the Vestry at least three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. No nominations may be made ‘from the floor’ at the Annual Meeting.”

Debby Jansma serves as the Clerk of the Vestry. She can be reached by email at

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