Mother’s Day Outreach Program

It’s Spring and time for some Spring Cleaning! If you have unwanted purses or handbags (in decent condition) that you would like to get rid of, we are planning a Mother’s Day outreach celebration for the women at Shelter from the Storm. Fill them with toiletries, lotions, nice frilly things, whatever would make a sweet little gift for a woman in the shelter. They are provided with the basics like soap and toothpaste, but special things like fresh new bottles of hand or body lotions, perfumes, eye shadow, or such, scarves, small jewelry items, etc. are probably scarce for them. Use your imagination! By filling our old handbags and bringing them to church the week prior to Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day is the 13th, so bring them in on May 6th), we can bring a little bit of cheer, encouragement and hope to women who don’t have much of those things in their lives.