New Class Beginning This Sunday

What begins with an unlikely birth, is full of palace intrigue, giants, witches, faithful and adulterous love? What saga has more than Game of Thrones, Scandal and House of Cards put together? What will involve you with stories of building projects (frustrated and extravagantly completed), suicide, missions (successful and unsuccessful), poetry, dancing kings, pirates, rebellious sons and faithful friends? If you guessed 1 and Samuel, you are RIGHT!

This summer join us a 9 a.m. Sundays in Lee 1 for an exploration of the story of Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon. This epic story will help you see how God exalts the humble and humbles the proud and how Jesus’ faithfulness is prefigured in Israel’s great kings.

We’ll be using Eugene Peterson’s (“The Message” translation of the bible) book Leap Over a Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians. The book is available from Amazon – A study guide will help you (even if you’re not here during the summer) keep track and reflect on how God continues to help us leap over walls. The study guide is also available from Amazon –