Parking Lot Repaving Project

The parking lot at St. Margaret’s will be repaved during the week beginning April 22.

On Monday, April 22, the church office will be closed in observance of Easter Monday. The project will begin that day with the “chopping up” of the existing asphalt.

On Tuesday, April 23, Neighbors4Neighbors will operate within a smaller area of the parking lot than is used normally. There will be no access to the parking area in front of the church office that day. If anyone needs to come into the office, they will need to park in the lower parking area by Karns Hall and the church and walk up to the office.

On Wednesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 25, there will be no access to the parking areas at St. Margaret’s. Anyone who needs to come into the office those days will need to park on Haystack or in the parking lot at the Presbyterian church and walk to the office. Because of the slurry coating and asphalt filling that will occur on these two days, everyone is reminded to walk very carefully in any area where work is occurring. There will be no Wednesday morning Eucharist in the Chapel on April 24. In addition, groups which meet on campus on these two days have been notified that the facilities will be unavailable.

On Friday, April 26, when the church office is closed, the parking lot will continue to be closed so that the parking spaces can be painted. Groups which meet on Friday morning have been notified that the facilities will be unavailable.

The “new” parking lot will be available for all worship services beginning Saturday, April 27.

If possible, it is recommended that anyone who needs to speak with someone in the church office do so by telephone. Anyone with an urgent need to visit the office during that week should call ahead to be certain that the person to whom s/he wants to speak is in the office. It is possible that staff members who are able to work from home will do so on the days when the parking lot is closed.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Debby Jansma by phone or e-mail.

The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Debby Jansma who provided details about the paving project.

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