Please Join a Vital Workshop for Future Planning

The evening of April 2nd and all day on April 3rd, a workshop will offer tools to shape St. Margaret’s future.  Anyone who wants to be considered for upcoming calling committee service should be certain to participate.  Current vestry members, ministry team leaders, program staff, and past call committee members are all strongly encouraged to come.  Anyone in the congregation is welcome. 

The workshop will be led by Richard Blackburn, who directs the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.  The Lombard Center is nationally renowned for its work helping congregations to look at how past experiences and current pressures might be affecting behavior and choices.  They are experts at guiding communities toward healthy ways of being.  You can learn more about this workshop at 

A second workshop on dealing with conflict will occur the evening of June 21st and all day on the 22nd

We will need a good count, so please contact Debby Jansma to register. 

More details about precise times and location on campus will come out as the date approaches.

The Rev. Kathleen Kelly
Head Pastor, St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church