Post-It Note Results for April

On Sunday, April 8, the Communications Committee posed its second “Post-It Note” question to the congregation at the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. services. The response was once again amazing! The question was: What activity or fellowship could we offer that would make you feel more connected to St. Margaret’s? 

The overwhelming theme is that you long to be better connected. You want more small groups (potluck dinners in peoples’ homes) and more forums like Building Bridges. There are lots of subjects for dialogue.

Bible study/prayer hour/book study for women and bible study/prayer group for men and spiritual meditation lessons– mentioned a few times.

Establish “Journey Groups” (small groups of people meeting informally to share their spiritual journeys)

For classes, more evening classes with a potluck beforehand and some more events and spiritual discussions on the weekends for those who work. Even a quilt group to make prayer quilts or shawls, giving the group a purpose to help others.

On the fun side, you are interested in going to the movies together, game nights, a talent show, a picnic, a caroling group at Christmas, going to lunch after church and a golf tournament.

Some of you wanted to know who needed prayers. There is a prayer list which Debby Jansma keeps. Call her to put someone on the prayer list and to get the prayer list email.

For the Womens’ Lunch, you want to vary the days so that more can attend.

You mentioned wanting to interact more with clergy and Vestry after services and events.

Some of you thought it would be great to welcome visitors from the pulpit so that you feel more connected.

If you are a snowbird, you want to have a welcome back potluck party. If you come one month a year, you want an ID that shows that you are a visitor.

If you are a newcomer, you want a mentor to help meet new people and get more involved.

During Lent, you want to have a Lenten Lunch or Supper Club and organized Stations of the Cross Fridays during Lent.

You love powerful and uplifting sermons! You like coffee in Karns Hall.

For services, you would like a solemn High Mass and an Evensong service occasionally, a weekly healing mass (which is offered each Wednesday at 10 in the Chapel) and even a service in a park.

You want to expand the Lenten Friday noon music idea to Fridays in Advent.

For music, you love the return of music at the 8 am service and a few of you would like to see a handbell choir.

As some people do not drive at night, you want a Lunch Club where people meet in the Narthex after the service and go to breakfast or lunch.

These are all good thoughts and ideas. Do you want to take your idea forward? Do you want to be a Champion of one of them? Call or email Robin Nugent,  Communications Chair at 513-673-9568 or email her at