Progress Report from the Bishop Nominating Committee

Here is the latest update from the Bishop Nominating Committee:

The nominating sub-committees have continued to work faithfully over the last month; here are their latest progress updates as of July 31, 2018.

The work of the listening session-survey, profiling, nominating and screening sub-committees has been completed and the members of those teams participate in other work as required.

Reference Checking: This new sub-committee was established as the bishop nominating committee (BNC) decided to follow an emerging best practice of doing reference checks prior to discerning who would be invited to come to the discernment retreat in early October.

The reference checking sub-committee completed in-person and phone interviews on multiple references for all candidates. Those conducting the reference checks reported to the BNC at an all-day meeting at Good Samaritan, UTC on July 30 in support of discerning discussion.

Through open and honest conversation, in prayer, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the BNC discerned and identified candidates to continue in the process and be invited to the discernment retreat. Shepherds were selected from the BNC who will assist each candidate on the path going forward. The BNC looks forward to personally meeting candidates at the discernment retreat and getting to know them in greater depth.

Online Interviewing and Retreat: The discernment retreat with all candidates and the entire nominating committee is scheduled for early October. Exercises are being designed which will allow us to interact with and observe the candidates in a variety of settings, from large group activities to individual interviews.

Educating and Communicating: We continue to support other sub-committees in sending diocesan-wide announcements, links to sub-committee documents, and regular progress reports.

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