Solar Project – Phase 2

Solar panels provide energy and shade to St. Margaret's

The St. Margaret’s Solar Project has entered Phase 2, and solar panels will be installed on the church office building, Karns Hall and the Lee Building.

During the past week, the solar crew has been working on top of the office building, preparing it for the installation of solar panels. The preparation work will soon move to Karns Hall and the Lee Building, and once the preparation work has been completed, the panels will be installed on top of all three buildings.

For the next few weeks, there will be no parking behind the church office. This is the staging area for the solar company. Anyone who plans to be on the church campus while the project is underway is advised to remain alert near the office building, Karns Hall and Lee for the possibility of debris falling off these buildings.

The installation of these solar panels involves no direct cost to the parish and having them will benefit St. Margaret’s by reducing our energy expenses in future years.

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