Standing Committee issues May 2017 update to the diocese

To All the Faithful of Our Diocese:

As we approach important farewell events for Bishop and Terri Mathes, your Standing Committee is busy readying us for the important transition ahead. By early next month, we hope to have selected a consultant who can guide us through the choices that will need to be made. We are also progressing with the selection of an assisting bishop who will share leadership with the Standing Committee until our next bishop diocesan is chosen.

Many of you have experienced clergy leadership transitions in your congregations. You know that all departures create an opening to newly discern direction and vision. As you await further news about how our process will be shaped, it is not too early to focus personal prayers and reflections around how you sense God calling the Diocese of San Diego into ministry for the next era.  As our process takes shape, it will afford opportunities to learn our collective discernment around this issue. By mid-summer, we should be able to share some details about how that process will work.


The Standing Committee

The Rev. Dr. Simon Mainwaring, President
Mr. Jim Stiven, President-Designate
The Rev. Gwynn Lynch, Secretary
Brother John Charles Westaway
The Rev. Kathleen Kelly
Ms. Helen Astleford
The Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell
Mr. Jose “Joe” Gamboa

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