Stewardship campaign highlights outreach

Youth Volunteers at Neighbors 4 Neighbors
Youth Volunteers at Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Stewardship Team member Burt Collette offered this address Sunday, December 10, explaining how your generosity changes lives at St. Margaret’s and in our community.

Good Morning! I would like to call attention to a few of our Outreach ministries which provide a wide variety of services to our greater community.

As most of us are aware, Chet Hecht manages the Neighbors 4 Neighbors program that reaches out to over 300 families weekly assisting with basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and connections to community resources. It is supported by 50 regular volunteers delivering five and a half tons of food weekly. Last year 11,482 households were served.

Another long-term ministry is Angel Tree, now in our 18th year of participation. This program provides two gifts for every child who currently has a parent incarcerated. There are 8-10 main St. Margaret’s volunteers, but the overall number of us participating are far too many to count. Debby Jansma continues her role as Elf-in-Chief for this annual project.

Cherry Remboldt, along with nine congregation members make up the Eucharistic Visitors ministry that take communion to those who cannot be present for service. These visits bring comfort, ease loneliness, and fortify their connection to St. Margaret’s community.

St. Margaret’s “Read With Me” program has been led by Kathy Coplen for several years now. She and at least 38 other volunteers continue to make a difference by assisting children of low income and limited English develop their full potential by learning to read, comprehend and speak English more fluently. Perhaps more importantly, it lets those children know that others beyond their community care about their future.

Along with these long-term outreach efforts, three relatively new ministries emerged from our 2014 Parish Discernment activities – “Compassion and Justice,” “Living Without Fear,” and “Building Bridges.”

Kay Wood leads the “Compassion and Justice” group whose primary focus is helping our parishioners follow their individual passions by finding opportunities to volunteer beyond our church confines. New programs will be unfolding after the first of the year, watch Saint Mail and the Sunday bulletins for new ways to become involved in this active ministry.

St. Margaret’s “Living Without Fear” ministry began in 2014 and continues in partnership with St. Paul’s of the Desert since 2015. This group has participated in a variety of workshops, awareness campaigns, provided pamphlets and other materials promoting gun safety and striving for global peace. Meredith Hardy and David Burgdorf are the co-chairs and welcome your questions and participation.

Ruth Mitchell, Rita Saari, Cherry, along with 5 or 6 others give life and direction to the Building Bridges ministry which is promoting peace by understanding Christian, Jewish, and Muslin religions through interfaith awareness, understanding and dialogue. You are all invited to join this group in book readings, pilgrimages to different house of worship, and upcoming events.

We really need your generous financial support for the ministries I’ve described to continue as well as many future ones that are planned. So please be generous.

Thank you very much!

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