Take Care of Yourself–It’s Flu Season

During this flu season, the most deadly in recent history, several of our staff, volunteers, and congregants have been infected, cutting into their availability to participate in key leadership and ministry at St. Margaret’s. I’m asking that anyone who believes they may be coming down the flu or even cold symptoms seek medical care, rest, and stay home.

Tough heroes infect others and put them at risk for major illness and even death. The health and safety of the whole congregation is my top priority, and if operations and initiatives suffer, I’ll accept the consequences of your temporary absence. People age 50 and older (and that’s most of us) are at greatest risk. It’s not too late to get a flu shot, and even if it’s not 100% effective, it reduces your odds of being infected. I got my shot. Please get yours.

May God keep you well and bring health and healing to those who are sick.

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