Thanksgiving Eve Worship

You may remember that last year, St. Margaret’s joined with Hope Lutheran for a Thanksgiving Eve Service followed by pie fellowship. It was held at Hope Lutheran.

This year, St. Margaret’s will host this service on Wednesday, November 21, at 7 p.m. The celebrant will be our own Mother Deb, and the sermon will be given by the Rev. Derek Fossey, Senior Pastor at Hope Lutheran. Following the service, pie will be served in Karns Hall.

The Rev. Derek Fossey and the Rev. Lane Hensley distributing communion at the Thanksgiving Eve service last year at Hope Lutheran
Members of St. Margaret’s enjoying Thanksgiving Eve pie fellowship at Hope Lutheran last year

Please bring your favorite pie to share and drop them off in Karns Hall before the service. If you’d like to help cut and plate the pie slices, call Debby to volunteer.

All leftover pies will be shared with first responders in our community to make sure they have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. 

And while pie may not have had as prominent a role as turkey, venison and corn at the first Thanksgiving with the Puritans and the Wampanoag, we promise that you can have your pie and eat it too that night.

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