Treasurer’s Mid-Year Report

As of June 30, St. Margaret’s has a net surplus of approximately $58K; however, this is under budget by $26K.  Revenues are $734K, less than budget by $12K.  Program Expenses are $354K, over budget $6K, and Fixed Expenses are $334K, over budget $6K.   While the bottom line looks good through June, the summer months will, as usual, show a monthly deficit.  We continue to project a year-end shortfall of $37K. 

Expenses continue to be closely managed, but we are over budget in Family Ministries almost $2K because we have additional nursery costs due to more children, always a good thing.  Unforeseen building maintenance has also caused a $3K overage to budget and utilities are over budget $2K.  However, with our new solar panels, we expect to see savings. 

The shortfall is mainly in our pledge income, $17K year to date, so please consider a mid-year gift of gratitude. Click here to contribute.

Guin Kerstetter DeJarnett, Treasurer