Vestry Meeting Minutes for May 8, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting
May 8, 2017

Meeting Call to Order by: Dave Strom Senior Warden, at 4:00 pm

Attendees: Rita Saari, Samantha Hirsch, Dave Strom, Sr. Warden, Jan Romerdahl, Jr. Warden, Jane Hodnik, Vince Heuring, Laura Bickford, Jim Duke, Meredith Hardy, Brad Burr, Treasurer, Barb O’Malley, Clerk, Also attending: The  Rev. Deborah Seles.

Rev. Deborah Seles read a poem for an opening prayer.

Minutes of April 10, 2017 were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report, Brad Burr

A two-page summary of financial report was emailed to vestry members.  Income is ahead of projections.

Junior Warden, Jan Romerdahl

Strategic planning:  The request for parish volunteers for the strategic planning committees are now in the Saint Mail, and the action that will be taken in each of the four areas (Internal Communication, External Communication, Education/Formation and Hospitality/Newcomers.)  In the Fall, Jan will lead a Mutual Ministry Review.

We have a contract for the vestry retreat for 2018.  It will either be the last weekend of February or the first weekend in March.

Senior Warden, Dave Strom

Compassion and Justice:  A model for ministries at St. Margaret’s.  Thanks to Kay Wood for forwarding this covenant to the vestry.  We are encouraged to read this, and will review it for the next meeting.

Safeguarding God’s People:  Debby has sent reminders.  We need to complete this task.  All staff and clergy have taken the online instruction.

8:00 am service:  We are creating a continuing reverent and reflective service of prayer and fellowship.

Meredith Hardy

Regarding the CAT survey follow-up:  We had a very positive and enthusiastic response.  42 people were at the meeting to discuss responses from 170 church members.

Dave Strom

Amazon Requisition account:  Resolution passed for establishing an Amazon Req. account for purchasing on behalf of St. Margaret’s, to be audited by Controller.

Vestry’s Summer meeting schedule: Consensus was to not meet for the two months of July and August; however if there are vestry members in town, we could still “meet” for an email session.  In those months, vestry members will be generating updates to the group on the second Monday of both July and August, so check in by the second Monday of the month and send emails to all.

Jan Romerdahl  Stewardship report:  People are needed for the Stewardship Committee 2018.  We need ideas, contacts and those who are comfortable with public speaking.  Send Robin and Dave your suggestions for Stewardship ASAP.

Meredith Hardy: Neighbors 4 Neighbors:  We are awaiting specific financial information, then we will be able to do by-laws, etc.  There should be five trustees, with no more than two from St. Margaret’s.  Ability and willingness to fund-raise would be ideal qualities.  This is a separate business entity, but they will be collaborating with St. Margaret’s.

Dave  SWEEPS MODEL for vestry point persons; Advocates:

Service to others: Outreach:  Rita Saari and Meredith Hardy

Worship:  Laura Bickford and Samantha Hirsch

Education Formation:  Jane Hodnik and Jim Duke

Evangelism/Hospitality (external communication):  Robert Strong and Vince Heuring

Pastoral Care/Parish Life (internal communication):  Dave Strom and Jan Romerdahl

Stewardship/ building, grounds and money:  Brad Burr and Robin Nugent

These are liaison positions.  We will keep building, expanding and fine-tuning this list.  This list could be put in Saint Mail, using the CAT logo.  Motion passed to adopt this as a way of moving forward.

Samantha Hirsch: Disaster planning:  Samantha has joined the Diocesan Disaster Planning group.  She and Chet Hecht will put some things together and up to code and in line with what’s happening in the Diocese.  Deborah Seles has taken National Disaster Chaplain training, and is available to help.

Dave Strom: Vestry Nominating Committee:  Dave will bring to the next meeting his suggestions for the Nominating Committee for the 2018 vestry.

Meredith Hardy:  Instead of Compline, Meredith gave a closing prayer on the theme of gratitude, and a prayer of understanding.

Meeting adjourned at 5:41 pm.

Next meeting is Monday June 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

Minutes submitted, by Barbara Coryell O’Malley, Clerk. Complete copy of the minutes was placed in the permanent records of the vestry