Vestry Minutes for April

Meeting Minutes


Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting

Karns Administration Conference Room, April 16, 2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration Conference room.

Call to Order, Record of Attendance:

Senior Warden Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 3:58 pm.

Members Present: The Rev. Lane Hensley, Jan Romerdahl, Sr. Warden, Jim Duke, Jr. Warden, Laura Bickford, Jim Hatfield, Vince Heuring, Jane Hodnik, Guin Kerstetter, Robert Strong. Also attending: The Rev. Deborah Seles, Barbara O’Malley, Vestry Clerk.

Opening Prayer: Rev. Lane Hensley
Check in/Announcements/Discussion of the “Great Spiritual Migration” Chapter 4 – Jane Hodnik

• After Check In, Jane Hodnik led us in a discussion of Chapter 4 of the “Great Spiritual Migration.”

Adoption of Consent Agenda

Vince Heuring made the motion to adopt minutes of March 19, 2018. Jim Hatfield seconded the motion. March minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Guin Kerstetter

  • See Treasurer’s Report. Actual year-to-date total revenue is $402.000. Total expenses are $315,000. Profit of $66.000 is still under what was budgeted ($86,00.) We have $847,000 in pledges and are anticipating $45,000 more. At the end of the year we will still have a shortfall of $70,000.
  • The cost of utilities has increased by $3,000. There are lower savings now, and bills are higher in the Summer months. We are looking into new rate plans.

The Finance Committee has made some recommendations to bring in more revenue.

Stewardship Update – Jan Romerdahl

The goal is to concentrate on Planned Giving and Capital Campaign. Gretchen Heuring will be working with us on these items.

Jr. Warden Report – Jim Duke

  • Jim Duke and Jan Romerdahl discussed SWEEPS. They may need to reassign people for continuity purposes.
  • Each member to fill out form, “Know Your Vestry.”
  • Jim Duke reported that he is continuing his review of our parish policies, researching what the Diocese recommends and what other parishes are doing, and expects to bring all policy change recommendations to the Vestry in either October or November.

Senior Warden Report – Jan Romerdahl

  • Our Diocese has twelve applications for Bishop, two women and ten men. Eight are fluent in Spanish. We are moving forward on schedule.
  • Youth Group was discussed. Most young people would prefer to meet outside of church.
  • Jan touched on the subject of thinking “outside the box” for our services. Possibility of a candlelight Compline service every Sunday evening? In another church it has attracted many people from all denominations.

Strategic Planning – Jan Romerdahl, Robin Nenninger-Nugent, Robert Strong

  • The Post-It survey yielded very positive results. The question was, “What would make you feel more connected?” Results will be posted in St. Margaret’s News tomorrow. Suggestions included informal lunch after the 10:00 service at an area restaurant, and to bringing back watching the 4th of July fireworks on the balcony.
  • Robert discussed training the Hospitality members to help newcomers fill in the information book. Who is ultimately responsible for this?
  • GIFT Plan – How to greet people, introduce them, follow up and thank them: Newcomer’s luncheon (all invited) is coming up soon. Possibility to have an empty chair at each table, so that Deb or Lane could sit down and answer questions.
  • Debby Jansma will be doing church tours.

Rector’s Report – Rev. Hensley

  • Chris Robinette is now out of jail and our Sunday service was very joyful with him here. Our mettle is being tested – Do we actually do what we say about mercy, reconciliation and changing lives?
  • Lane has a letter to Chris’s probation officer for the Vestry to sign, requesting that he be allowed once again on our property.
  • Our solar air conditioning units require careful monitoring and management. They are making ice in the middle of the night, for energy conservation.
  • The funeral for Bishop Shannon Mallory will be October 13th 2018
  • The service for Art Mattox will be at Eisenhower Medical Center this month, and another service at All Saints in Pasadena next month.
  • The cross on the mountain has a blown circuit breaker. We will be sending an electrician to repair.
  • The Presbyterian church next door to us has part-time maintenance workers. Possibility of a job-share with them.
  • Regarding Rev. Hensley’s sabbatical – he is working with the Wardens with planning, worship and facilities management. Will give us specifics later.
  • Marge Freeman’s family donated funds which we are using to upgrade the library In the Karns Administration Building. Have re-done the lighting, changed HVAC controls and plan to re-carpet.
  • Volunteer recognition luncheon went well.
  • There are ministerial leaders throughout the congregation. We have Daughters of the King; what about reviving St. Andrew for men?
  • One more Vestry meeting, then off to sabbatical!


Nomination/appointment of Brad Burr to the finance committee – Jan Romerdahl

• Jane Hodnik made the motion and the Vestry approved the nomination.

Appointment of the audit committee – Jan Romerdahl

  • Brad Burr made the motion for the appointment of Mary Ann Ekman, Dennis Hensley and Joe Connaughton to the audit committee. Approved by the Vestry.

SWEEPS assignments – Jim Duke:

  • Service – Jim Duke, Jim Hatfield
  • Worship – Laura Bickford, Mark Austin
  • Education – Jane Hodnik, Robin Nenninger-Nugent
  • Evangelism – Vince Heuring, Robert Strong
  • Pastoral care/Parish life – Brenda Thayer, Jan Romerdahl
  • Stewardship – Brad Burr, Guin Kerstetter

Old Business

Facility Committee – Rev. Hensley

Rev. Hensley will be conducting Vestry tours of the campus, providing information about how and where to turn on the lights in church? Actual day-to-day work and repair is very well- organized.

Other Business

Vince Heuring attended a meeting last week concerned with earthquakes and other emergencies. Eric Cadman, Emergency Services Coordinator for the City of Palm Desert will be giving a slide presentation on emergency preparedness at 3:30 prior to the next vestry meeting, in Karns Hall. The congregation has been invited to attend.

There is also CERT training, which is a week-long training session for emergency preparedness. We may have people in our congregation who may have already taken it

Jim Duke closed the meeting with a prayer.

Adjournment – Sr. Warden

Jan Romerdahl adjourned the meeting at 5:38 pm.

• Next meeting will be Monday, May 21, 2018 at 4pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Coryell O’Malley, Clerk

This is a summary of the Apr. 16, 2018 vestry meeting minutes. The full minutes have been approved and placed in the permanent records of the vestry.