Vestry Minutes for June

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Vestry Meeting
June 18, 2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration conference room.

Call to order
Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Record of attendance
The Rev. Lane Hensley A
The Rev. Deborah Seles P

Class of 2019
Vince Heuring P
Robin Nenninger-Nugent P
Jan Romerdahl, Sr. Warden P
Brad Burr P

Class of 2020
Laura Bickford A
Jim Duke, Jr. Warden A
Jane Hodnik P
Robert Strong P

Class of 2021
Guin Kerstetter, Treasurer P
Brenda Thayer P
Mark Austin P
Jim Hatfield P

Vestry Officer
Barbara O’Malley, Clerk P

Also Present were Auditor Shannon Maidment and Darlene Fletcher.

Opening Prayer – Associate Rector

The Reverend Deborah Seles read a prayer.

Audit Presentation – Guin Kerstetter and Shannon Maidment
(Audit Report is available for review in the office.)

  • No adjustments this year.
  • No errors identified.
  • Some comments may need to be added, for clarification. It will not change the numbers. Robin Nenninger-Nugent made a motion to accept the report, with the expected projected changes Brad Burr seconded. Motion passed and Audit Report was accepted.

Adoption of Consent Agenda

  • Motion was made by Jim Hatfield to accept the amended minutes of May 21, 2018. Seconded by Guin Kerstetter. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Year-to-date revenue through May 30 ,2018 is approximately $605,000, which is over budget and Net Income is approximately $79,000 but that is $61,000 under budget. Even with the additional donations for the music program, we anticipate a $70,000 deficit at year end.
  • The group medical proposal was reviewed. Both the PPO and HMO plans are due to increase. If we stay with Blue Shield, the combined monthly increase is 8.89%. We budgeted a 10% increase. St. Margaret’s will continue to pay 75% of both employees and dependents coverage. A motion was made by Guin Kerstetter to accept this plan. It was seconded by Mark Austin and was unanimously approved.

Stewardship Update – Jan Romerdahl

Jan read Gretchen Heuring’s, Stewardship Chairman’s report.

  • The music program match has raised $36,000 so far.
  • Four of Gretchen Heuring’s stories have been videotaped and will be shown on the SMEC News site.
  • Video interviews of parishoners will begin in the Fall.
  • The Vestry has agreed to do the 13th month pledge. The Stewardship team will also be approaching other selected parishoners to do the same.
  • The Stewardship Committee would like to proceed with the formation of a plan to fund an endowment for music program salaries. There will be a meeting about this at noon on July 8th, after the 10:00 service, with a small group of interested parishioners. Jan Romerdahl made a motion to proceed with this endowment plan. Mark Austin seconded, and after discussion, motion was carried.

Sr. Warden Report – Jan Romerdahl

  • Karns construction:  Demo in the kitchen has begun and appliances have been removed. o Air conditioning for the building is costing $10,000 to replace.
  • Cell tower is no more.
  • We have 3 bids for taking out some trees from the parking lot. It will be voted on in September.
  • Jan Romerdahl met with Har El. They haven’t yet signed their lease.
  • A letter came in requesting to have a Bridge club here at St .Margaret’s. Pros and cons were discussed. The letter will be forwarded to Brenda Thayer, and she will come back with more details for a formal proposal.
  • We were reminded that if there is a group that would like to meet with Jan Romerdahl or Kathleen Kelly, to please let Jan know.
  • There was discussion, “Why is our church silent regarding border issues?”
  • The Rev. Deborah Seles stated that the situation at our border has been on all our hearts It needs to be centered on our call to prayer. She has already spoken to a few of our group leaders 
  • The Diocese has two Sundays devoted to the refugee problem, held at Camp Stevens.
  • Kathleen Kelly suggested that we reach out to our Vestry Worship team regarding discernment around this issue. What can we, as parishoners, do? Talk with Rev. Deborah, Mark Austin or Laura Bickford about responsible things we can do to address this issue.
  • The Episcopal Diocese Website has information about things the Episcopal Church is already putting into action.
  • Rev. Seles also reminded us to take a stand in regard to the Gospel. If it is of love, then it’s of the Gospel.

Jim Hatfield has extended an invitation to help out with packing supplies for Neighbors 4 Neighbors. We now have 310 clients per week, and there is a lot of work to be done. “Man Power” is needed. An ad in the bulletin may be helpful.

Emergency Preparedness – Vince Heuring

For medical or other emergencies before, during or after the service, let Debby Jansma or Chet Hecht know. They are Service Managers, and are trained in first aid and other emergency interventions.

There will be no meetings in July or August.

New Business
Compline Service – Mark Austin

Mark gave us a proposal for a new Sunday evening candlelight Compline service in Karns Hall, with plans to start in October.

  • 45 to 50 minutes in length
  • Target groups are unchurched, college students, music lovers.
  • From Gregorian chants to contemporary composers.
  • Built on the Benedictine office of Compline.
  • It’s about finding calm, protection and peace at the end of the week.
  • Requires no clergy.
  • Funding so far is 4 donors, $5,000 each. Mark has written a grant proposal for this.
  • Finance committee has already approved the budget.
  • Downside: Mark felt it might mean he needs to leave the Vestry to become an employee.
  • It also increases the need for outdoor lighting in that area.
  • After 3 months, we would re-evaluate the program.
  • Guin Kerstetter made a motion to approve the budget for this. Robert Strong seconded. Motion carried. 

Jan Romerdahl gave a closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 5:49.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Coryell O’Malley

This is a summary of the June 18, 2018 vestry meeting minutes. The full minutes have been approved and placed in the permanent records of the vestry.