Vestry Minutes for May

Meeting Minutes

ST. MARGARET’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting
Karns Administration Conference Room, May 21,2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration Conference room.

Call to to Order, Record of Attendance:

Senior Warden Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:40 pm. The Vestry had attended an Emergency Preparedness meeting from 3:30 to 4:35 in Karns Hall.’

Members Present: Jan Romerdahl, Sr. Warden, Jim Duke, Jr. Warden, Jim Hatfield, Vince Heuring, Jane Hodnik, Robin Nugent, Brenda Thayer, Mark Austin, Guin Kerstetter. Also attending: The Rev. Deborah Seles, Barbara O’Malley, Vestry Clerk.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Jan Romerdahl made a motion to approve the April minutes. Jane Hodnik seconded. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Guin Kerstetter

Total revenues YTD are $526,000. Expenses are $422,000, which leaves us $63,000 under YTD budget. If we are not able to generate additional revenue, a net loss of $90,000 is projected for year end.

Stewardship update: Jan Romerdahl

With Gretchen Heuring’s Short Story project, we have acquired new pledges, with 3 renewals and 2 pledge upgrades.

We have a matching fundraising challenge for our music program. The goal is $5,000.00. $682.00 was raised last Sunday. If funds come in quickly, there will be a second match. Chet Hecht is working with Jim Waterson and Chris Davidson from All Saints in Pasadena. The goal is sponsorship. Ideas:

  • Picnic in the Park at $100.00/head on November 17th at Civic Park in Palm Desert. For part of the entertainment, Mark Austin has volunteered his 16-man choral group. He is encouraged to contact Gretchen Heuring about this.
  • Series of videos with members of the congregation.
  • Video shoots in Myers Hall. We can shoot 4 of Gretchen Heuring’s short stories thatwill be put on our web site.
  • Ask for permission to request an additional payment in 2018 in the amount of eachperson’s monthly pledge. Vestry members agreed to make this additional payment.Jim Duke asked for unanimous consent from the Vestry for all of the above. There were no objections.

Jr. Warden Report: Jim Duke

  • Living Without Fear ministry had a successful community forum.
  • Building Bridges had an interfaith forum.
  • Compassion and Justice is currently asking for shirts, hats and gloves for the farmworkers near Mecca.
  • Read With Me is wrapping up for the school year.
  • Rev. Deborah Seles and Jim Duke attended a Mission Strategy meeting at St. Anthony inthe Desert in Desert Hot Springs. They discussed what to do with the congregation, as the property is for sale. Bishop Katharine gave a history of that mission. They were questioning whether to keep it or take it off the market. What do these neighbors need? There will be a committee to look at struggling churches in our diocese.
  • Our music is back at the 8:00 service. Mark Austin is working on a worship and music presentation in Karns Hall, with a suggested donation of $5.00. He will have a formal proposal this week.
  • Jim Duke is working on a template for a Tuesday morning bilingual prayer service while people are waiting for Neighbors 4 Neighbors. It will be held once in June and twice in July

Senior Warden Report: Jan Romerdahl

  • Things are going smoothly so far in Lane’s absence. Each person is taking care of their responsibility.
  • Rev. Katherine Kelly is on call for us, and could step in if so needed.
  • The Facilities Committee met recently, and facilities are running smoothly.

Strategic Planning: Robin Nenninger-Nugent

  • The Post-It notes came up with great ideas.
  • Next project is working on a banner and getting it done. Scheduled for Fall.
  • Rev. Deborah Seles talked about going deep into study about the story of David. Hopingthat the 10:00 people will come to that forum.
  • Jan Romerdahl will meet with the Strategic Planning chairs, possibly next week.Emergency Preparedness: Vince Heuring
  • Before the meeting, the Vestry attended Emergency Preparedness Training, led by Zander Johnston, Emergency Services Coordinator with the city of La Quinta.
  • Additional CERT training would be excellent.
  • Also helpful to feel comfortable and proficient in the use of our AED (defibrillator).

Administrative: Jan Romerdahl

  • Robin Nenninger-Nugent volunteered to be a member of the Audit Committee. Jim Hatfield made a motion, Mark Austin seconded. Robin is now a member of the Audit Committee.
  • Summer meetings: We’re scheduled for June. A goal is to set up video conferencing rather than by phone, if a meeting is required in July or August.

New Business:

  • Karns Hall Project: Jan Romerdahl and the Facilities Committee met with Rivco HVAC Co. The air conditioner in Karns broke and caused damage. Rivco, who has been taking care of our facility, will demo and repair/replace parts. No permit is required for this, but at some point we may need a permit. Our kitchen is shut until repairs are complete. Work should begin June 6th, and will be a 6-week process. The funds for this will come from the Vestry Designated Fund, not to exceed $77,456. Motion was made by Jan to approve the repair of Karns Hall; seconded by Jim Duke. Motion passed.
  • The second part of Karns Hall is the solar project. The plan is to put solar panels on the administration building roof and on the Karns roof, at the expense of the solar company. These 3 new meters will wipe out our demand charges. We now pay Edison 11 cents per kw hour. It will decrease to 6.7 cents per kw hour. It’s a 25-year arrangement. Motion was made by Jim Duke to go forward on this. Seconded by Robin Nenninger-Nugent. Motion passed.
  • Cell Towers: Our lease is expiring, and negotiations have started on a new lease. We have a Sprint tower in back which costs $23,000 per year to own. With the Sprint/T-Mobile merger it will cost $185,000 for a 50-year cell plan. This needs to go to the Diocese for final approval. We need to put some funds in reserve for this. Jim Duke made a motion to go forward with this. Jim Hatfield seconded. Motion passed.
  • Har-El lease: Motion was made by Jane Hodnik to renew the existing Har-El lease as last year’s, at $2,500 per month. Mark Austin seconded. Motion passed.

Compline/Closing Prayer: Jan Romerdahl Adjournment – Sr. Warden
Jan Romerdahl closed the meeting at 6:00pm. UPCOMING DATES: Next meeting will be June 18th.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Coryell O’Malley

This is a summary of the May 21, 2018 vestry meeting minutes. The full minutes have been approved and placed in the permanent records of the vestry