Vestry Minutes for November 2018

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Vestry Meeting
November 19, 2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration Conference room.

Call to Order, Record of Attendance:

Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Present: Vince Heuring, Robin Nenninger-Nugent, Jan Romerdahl, Sr.Warden, Brad Burr, Laura Bickford, Jim Duke, Jr. Warden, Rober Strong, Guin Kerstetter, Treasurer, Brenda Thayer, Mark Austin, Jim Hatfield, Barbara O’Malley, Clerk. Also present, The Rev. Kathleen Kelly

Opening Prayer: Jan Romerdahl read the opening prayer.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Motion was made by Brad Burr, seconded by Jane Hodnik.
Motion carried and October minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Guin Kerstetter

  • Revenue is at $1.01 million, $28,000 less than budget and all but $3,000 of the variance is in pledges.
  • Expenses are $1.02 million, $17,000 less than budget.
  • Net loss of $11,000, which is $11,000 less than budget, as we had a break-even budget through October.
  • We are still projecting a year-end loss of $50,000 versus a budgeted loss of $32,000.
  • Will re-evaluate the budget in January or February to make decisions. We may need to make cuts. Motion was made by Brad Burr, seconded by Robert Strong. Motion carried and budget was approved.

Stewardship Update – Jan Romerdahl reported for Gretchen Heuring.

Sr. Warden Report/Executive Session/Rector’s Report
Motion to enter Executive Session was made by Jim Hatfield, seconded by Laura Bickford. Motion carried and the Vestry went into Executive Session.

At the conclusion of Executive Session, the Vestry returned to regular session. The Jr. Warden announced that the Vestry had taken no action in Executive Session.

The Senior Warden relinquished the chair and recused herself from the meeting. The Junior Warden assumed the duties of the chair. Vince Heuring offered a resolution to extend the Vestry term of Jan Romerdahl by one additional year due to “special circumstances,” as provided for in Section 3, Article IV of the Vestry Bylaws and moved its adoption. The motion was seconded. There was no discussion. The resolution was adopted by unanimous vote.

Following the vote, the Junior Warden asked the Senior Warden to return to the meeting and reassume the duties of the chair.

Facilities Committee – Vince Heuring

  • In the future Vince will send us an email to go forward and ask us for a budget request. We must answer him unanimously.
  • Regarding the kitchen, we need to talk to the 5 people who use the kitchen the most. We will go to Home Depot and get what we need as cheaply as possible for now.
  • Facilities Committee will determine what we need.

Update on Compline Service – Mark Austin

  • We have had 4 services so far.
  • Average attendance is 75.
  • We are getting people from outside our parish.
  • Positive feedback on moving the service to the Sanctuary.
  • There have been generous donations in the “fish bowl” at every service.
  • Will hear from the Diocese soon if we have been given a financial grant.
  • For the next 2 years, Compline Service is financially “set.”
  • Let’s get the word out more!

Karns Hall Rental – Brenda Thayer

  • In light of our budget deficit this year, we could pick up some extra revenue by renting out Karns Hall to Bridge card game groups.
  • Negatives are that it’s inconvenient and difficult.
  • The prospective tenant expects 20 tables, 5 days per week.
  • Lease agreement will need to work out for a year. What is liability issue with insurance?
  • Are we better off with our own people?
  • Structured budget is needed. Brenda will work with Guin Kerstetter to work this out.

Administrative – Jan Romerdahl
Har-El Security
Har-El has come up with a security plan. Jim Duke made a motion to adopt this plan, Jan Romerdahl seconded. Motion carried and plan was approved.

Convention 2019 – will be here at St. Margaret’s.
Walkabouts – There is one Bishop candidate so far. Walkabout will be January 14th in the evening.

Community Ministries Office Space – Living Without Fear, Building Bridges and Compassion and Justice now have space in the Karns Administration offices.

Nursery Babysitter – added staff.

Dementia Community Outreach – We are looking into a seminar on this topic.

Christmas Party — There is not enough space to hold both Hope Lutheran and St. Margaret’s.

New Business

Vestry Member approval – Vince Heuring

We are not currently following the Bylaws. The Vestry should vote on the slate of candidates to be presented at the Annual Meeting. Motion carried to table this for the December meeting.

Christmas Bonuses – Jan Romerdahl

Motion made by Brad Burr, Seconded by Jim Hatfield to authorize $200.00 per employee, grossed up payroll and other taxes. Motion carried. Grossed up.

Audit Committee Appointment – Jan Romerdahl

Motion was made by Jan Romerdahl to appoint Larry DeJarnette to the Audit Committee. Seconded by Jim Duke. Motion carried.

Other Business

Jim Hatfield announced that the Scout troop that St. Margaret’s is supporting now has 11 boys and 5 girls. They will be selling Christmas wreaths after services on December 9th.

Adjournment – Sr. Warden

Brad Burr made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Robert Strong seconded. Motion was carried and Jan Romerdahl adjourned the meeting at 6:02 pm.

Next meeting is December 17, 2019

This is a summary of the official minutes of the Vestry meeting. The complete minutes are on file with the Parish Secretary.