Vestry Minutes for September

Meeting Minutes

Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting
September 17, 2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration conference room.

Call to order, Record of Attendance:

Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm.

Present: The Rev. Lane Hensley Vince Heuring, Robin Nenninger-Nugent, Jan Romerdahl, Sr.Warden, Laura Bickford, Jim Duke, Jr. Warden, Guin Kerstetter, Treasurer, Brenda Thayer, Mark Austin, Jim Hatfield, Barbara O’Malley, Clerk

Opening Prayer: The Rev. Lane Hensley

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Motion was made by Jim Hatfield to accept the minutes of June 8, 2018. Seconded by Jim Duke. Motion carried and minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Guin Kerstetter

  • We have $821,000 in revenue.
  • $800,000 in net expenses
  • Deficit of $21,000
  • Expecting a $37,000 deficit at the end of the year.
  • We also have $85,000 on the balance sheet from the sale of the Sprint Lease. It is in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets. Gretchen Heuring is making tremendous strides regarding the Stewardship Campaign. We are so blessed to have her and the committee at the helm. Make sure to read her report.

Jr. Warden’s Report: Jim Duke

  • Jim suggested an alternative to Camp Stevens in place of “retreat” this year; possibly dinner one night, and going back for a day of prayer and planning.
  • He also issued a challenge regarding the launching of the first Neighbors 4 Neighbors morning prayer.
  • He also announced that Morning Prayer (in a blended English/Spanish service) would begin on on Tuesday, September 25th. Vestry is encouraged to come to N4N and volunteer to bag groceries for an hour, in the morning or in the afternoon.

Sr. Warden’s Report: Jan Romerdahl

  • Jan worked with The Rev. Kathleen Kelly, who was a wonderful partner and colleague during The Rev. Lane Hensley’s absence.
  • Compassion and Justice ministry has obtained Sr. Joan Chittister as a speaker for 2019. It will be self-funded. We want to bring in participation from our Diocese.
  • Darlene Fletcher is working on an extension of the Verizon lease to try to maximize the value of it.

Rector’s Report: The Rev. Lane Hensley

  • Rev. Lane expressed his thanks for the time away from church, for his Sabbatical.
  • He has an app that shows us where he’s been, and will give us a link to it.
  • During Rev. Lane’s absence we had 43 instances of HVAC issues. The control system is the problem. It flags a potential event, then shuts down.
  • We have been asked by the Diocese to host a Bishop Walkabout, where the Bishop candidates will have a chance to meet us.
  • Not this year but the next, the Annual Diocesan Convention will be held at St. Margaret’s.

Strategic Planning:

  • Jan Romerdahl – Committees will be reporting on the progress they’ve made. The information will be published in Jan’s article.
  • Robin Nugent – We are telling more people about who we are and what we do. We may do another sign, “Build the Body, Equip the Saints and Change the World. Come join us.”
  • Robert Strong – spoke of the ups and downs of the last 10 years. First year goal was to retain the membership. We bottomed out, but are coming back up. There have been many burials from 2010 until now. More transfers than ever this year. Newcomers team will meet next Sunday. October 21st is the Newcomers’ Brunch. We want to include returning snowbirds.

Facilities Committee: Rev. Lane Hensley

  • Rev. Lane, Mark Austin and Jim Hatfield will be meeting soon regarding building issues.
  • Chet Hecht is now correcting immediate problems, but we want to be looking ahead to preventative maintenance.
  • Jim Hatfield asked Rev. Lane to check with Lucy Karns regarding her original vision for Karns Hall. The kitchen will be a big expense, and funding for it needs to be discussed.

Compline Service: Mark Austin

  • The project is going well financially.
  • We have two guarantors for $ 5,000 each, plus donations at the door.
  • New brass candlesticks, 20 beeswax candles and extra robes all have been donated.
  • Posters are up all over town. Ads in Facebook Web and at College of the Desert have been causing a lot of buzz.
  • A carpool from St. Paul’s will come here every month. First rehearsal was Sunday, and first Compline service will be October 7th at 7:00 pm.
  • Vince Heuring expressed concern for safety in the parking lot when it gets dark. Lighting is needed, and it may bean issue for the Facilities Team.

Emergency Preparedness: Vince Heuring

  • There is about a 1 to 2 percent chance that we will have an earthquake during a service.
  • Fainting, falling and disruptions are much more common. Chet Hecht and Debby Jansma are our Sunday Directors, and are trained for emergencies, including the use of the AED (defibrillator).
  • Further discussion may be needed for back-up people in their position.

Vestry Nominating Committee:

Samantha Hirsch is Chairperson, and will be meeting soon with Rev. Lane regarding this. We will also need to vote for 6 delegates and 6 alternates for the annual Diocesan Convention in February. The vote will be in November.

Resolution for Mark Austin’s position on the Vestry:

Jim Duke requested a motion to retain Mark on the Vestry. Seconded by Jim Hatfield.Motion carried and Mark will stay, and recuse himself as appropriate.

St. Margaret’s Annual Meeting: 

Jan Romerdahl suggested Wednesday January 30th for our annual meeting. Jim Duke seconded the motion. Motion was carried and there will be a pot-luck dinner and celebration on that evening.

Budget meeting:

It was voted that we will have a budget meeting separate from the annual meeting, possibly early January.

Compline: Brenda Thayer

Brenda led us in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

Monday, October 15th is the date of our next Vestry meeting at 4:00 pm in Karns conference room.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Coryell O’Malley, Clerk

This is a summary of the October 15,2018 vestry meeting minutes. The full minutes have been approved and placed in the permanent records of the vestry.