Vestry Minutes Summary for February 2018

Meeting Minutes


Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting

Karns Administration Conference Room, February 19, 2018

Senior Warden Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:07 pm.

Members Present: The Rev. Lane Hensley, Jan Romerdahl, Sr. Warden, Jim Duke, Mark Austin, Laura Bickford, Jim Hatfield, Vince Heuring, Jane Hodnik, Guin Kerstetter, Robin Nenninger-Nugent, Robert Strong, Brenda Thayer. Also attending: The Rev. Deborah Seles, Barbara O’Malley, Clerk, and Wally Grimm, Interim Treasurer.

Opening Prayer: Fr. Lane Hensley.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: January 2018 minutes were approved.


  • Jr. Warden: Jim Duke
  • Treasurer: Wally Grimm
  • Asst. Treasurer: Vince Heuring
  • Clerk: Barbara O’Malley


1. Treasurer’s Report: Wally Grimm
a. January Financials: We have more revenue than expenses.

2. Senior Warden: Jan Romerdahl

Vestry Retreat

  • Vestry roles – Kathleen Kelley
  • The Great Spiritual Migration, book to be discussed.
  • MMR to be evaluated.

3. Music Ministry update: Laura Bickford

Desert Friends of Music continues, no changes to the calendar.

4. Events Update: Mother Deb and Robin

  • Confirmation classes are finished, and the service was held with The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori officiating.
  • Beginning Wednesdays in Lent there will be a program of Evening Worship, a soup supper and study of the book, “Setting the Gospel Free
  • “Ashes on El Paseo” was a tremendous success, reaching over 70 people.
  • Daughters of the King held a reflective Women’s Retreat on Saturday, Feb. 10th. Karen Hathaway and Mother Deb led the service.

5. Rector’s Report: Fr. Lane Hensley

  • Fr. Lane welcomed new Vestry members.
  • Vestry name tags are available through Debby Jansma.
  • Invitation was extended to become Eucharistic Ministers. There is a training program. See Cherry Rembolt for more information.
  • We are hopeful about getting a permanent Treasurer by May.
  • Emergency management, facilities: Jane Hodnik and Vince Heuring will hear from Fr.Lane this week.
  • Security: Need proper lighting, shooter training and management of emergency operations. We will be discussing this further.
  • Stewardship: Fr. Lane will email the numbers, to be discussed at the retreat.
  • Search for Bishop: All is going well with the Nominating and Transition committees. More news to come.
  • Fr. Lane’s Sabbatical: It’s still in the planning stages, for May.

Continuing Business

Strategic Planning Update
Jan Romerdahl/Committee Liaisons – Jan categorized all the ministries we have.

We need to fill those categories that the outgoing Vestry members have left. New members will be Vestry Point Persons. Assignments will be made at next meeting.

Robert Strong – Robert has asked Glenda Erdman for help. Hope to have Welcome Center up and open by Easter.

  • There were 14 people at the last meeting. Hoping to have meetings monthly.
  • Mother Deb had us greeting somebody we didn’t know at the end of the service. Could we reinstate that?
  • More than 40 people attended the last Newcomer’s Brunch. Next one is Sunday, April 22nd.
  • Next Hospitality ministry meeting is Sunday, April 8th.

Robin Nenninger-Nugent – Working on the welcome banner for the street sign.

We are getting feedback from the Post-It notes in the pews. Policies vs. Guidelines

Jim Duke has volunteered to find our policy and procedures manual, to find out what should be, according to our by-laws.

New Business

Safety issues decisions

Fr. Lane has been working with Alan. Vestry needs to take action regarding the stairs around the altar and getting kneeling pads for some of the pews. The choir stairs and organ pit are also safety concerns. We are referring those issues to the choir themselves. Mark Austin and Laura Bickford will follow up.

Coffee hour

What are the perceptions of newcomers? The congregation? Which venue is more friendly and accessible, Karns or Myers hall? Can we have coffee in two locations, and what are the logistics involved?

Planned Giving and Capital Campaign
Committee members are needed.

Conflict of Interest

Must be signed every year. Not needed tonight, but we’ll bring it to the next meeting to sign.

Music at 8:00

Was dropped last year due to budgetary constraints. John Wright did play this past Sunday. It would be difficult for him to play the last song of the service. We are making use of the full-time organist we already have.

Vestry meeting dates

It was voted that we would meet the third Monday of each month. Next meeting is March 19th. We will be having one meeting in Summer – to be announced.


It was resolved that Lane Hensley and Jan Romerdahl are to represent us regarding letters and lines of credit.

Closing Prayer/Vespers

Jan closed the meeting with a prayer regarding servant leadership, lyrics to “The Servant Song.

Meeting adjourned at 6:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted, Barbara Coryell O’Malley, Clerk
This is a summary of the Feb. 19, 2018 minutes. The full minutes have been approved and placed in the permanent records of the vestry.