Vestry Minutes Summary for March 2018

Meeting Minutes


Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting

Karns Administration Conference Room, March 19, 2018

A meeting of the Vestry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church was held pursuant to notice in Karns Administration Conference room.

Call to Order, Record of Attendance:

Senior Warden Jan Romerdahl called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Members Present: The Rev. Lane Hensley, Jan Romerdahl, Sr. Warden, Jim Duke, Jr. Warden, Laura Bickford, Jim Hatfield, Vince Heuring, Jane Hodnik, Guin Kerstetter, Robert Strong, Brenda Thayer. Also attending: The Rev. Deborah Seles, Barbara O’Malley, Clerk, and Wally Grimm, Interim Treasurer

Opening Prayer: Rev. Lane Hensley
Check in/Announcements/Discussion of the “Great Spiritual Migration” Chapter #3 JimDuke


  • All Vestry members are invited to the Community Forum on peace and violence March 24th.
  • Maundy Thursday will have about 75 participants. Jan is in charge of food, and needs assist.
  • Whoever is doing the closing prayer will also be Chaplain for the entire meeting. Today it is Jane Hodnik. Jim Duke led a discussion on Chapter #3 of “The Great Spiritual Migration.”Adoption of consent agenda: Jim Duke made the motion to adopt minutes of February 19, 2018. Seconded by Robert Strong. February minutes were approved.Reports

    Treasurer’s report – Wally Grimm: Refer to printed Treasurer’s report.

    Guin Kerstetter has volunteered to step up as Treasurer. Motion was made by Brad Burr. Seconded by Jim Duke. Vote was taken and Guin is now our permanent Treasurer.

    Stewardship Update – Lane. Refer to printed stewardship memo.

    Gretchen Heuring has volunteered to become Stewardship Chair. She asked the Vestry to agree to the following:

    To regularize the position(s):

  • The Stewardship Chair term would be for one year beginning April 1 and ending March 31, except for this year when the term would begin immediately and end March 31, 2019.
  • The person holding the Stewardship Chair position would remain on the committee for one year after serving as the Chair.
  • The Stewardship Committee would consist of not more than five members with a staggered three-year term so new members at inception would serve for 1, 2 or 3 years and would be replaced as their terms expire.
  • These members would be selected by the Stewardship Chair this year, subject to approval of the Vestry.
  • The Stewardship Chair would also serve on the Finance Committee to assure clear communications.
  • During the first year, and then each year after, a member of the Stewardship Committee would be selected to serve as the next Chair, subject to approval of the Vestry.
  • The Vestry would request that the Chair of the Planned Giving Committee and the Chair of any other financial campaign would coordinate calendars with the Stewardship Committee.
  • Because Stewardship work undergirds the major source of revenue for the budget, the Vestry would assure highest priority to dates and events set for Stewardship activities.
  • The Stewardship Committee would provide an action plan with target dates for activities to the Vestry at the regular September Vestry meeting.
  • Upon approval by the Vestry, the Stewardship Committee would commence the annual Stewardship Program, beginning each year in October and ending on the last day of the following February. The timing of this schedule is because of our many seasonal members.
  • Beginning immediately, and ending April 30, 2018, the new Stewardship Committee, even while it is being formed, will reach out to St. Margaret’s members with pledge cards, letters, phone calls, social gatherings, and other methods that will bring pledges in to support operating expenses of St. Margaret’s.
  • The Vestry will agree to support Stewardship in every possible way by gesture, word or deed.

Jim Duke requested unanimous consent for this item. There was no objection. Gretchen’s term will begin immediately.

Junior Warden Report – Jim Duke: Jim thanked those who replied to his Vestry questionnaire. He will begin a review of the parish and Vestry adopted policies procedures and guidelines.

Senior Warden Report – Jan Romerdahl:

  • Finance Committee is chosen by the Vestry; waiting for Gretchen Heuring to come on board.
  • Retreat was a great success.
  • Questions about Rev. Hensley’s upcoming sabbatical should be directed to JanRomerdahl for continuity of answers.
  • Rev. Hensley and Jan Romerdahl are working toward getting Planned Giving support.Strategic Planning – Jan Romerdahl, Robin Nugent, Robert Strong:
  • When the current concert sign along Highway 74 comes down, our new sign will go up saying, “Everyone Welcome – No Exceptions.”
  • New Welcome Center is being set up in the Narthex.

The Parochial Report – Rev. Hensley: The Parochial Report is a census and 1040 form that states our adjusted gross income, which is data for the National Church to analyze every year. It helps to decide how much we give to the Diocese (currently 10.5%.) Jim Duke moved to approve this process. Brad Burr seconded. Process approved.

Rector’s Report –Rev. Hensley

  • Facilities Manager Alan Arch has resigned. We will need to re-shape and possibly revise this position.
  • Interfaith Seder was a great success.Administrative and AnnouncementsConflict of Interest Document – Jan Romerdahl: Please hand them in to Debby Jansma.Confidentiality Agreement – Jan Romerdahl: Some changes were made. Jim Duke requested unanimous consent for the agreement. There was no objection.

    SWEEPS assignments – Jan Romerdahl: New Vestry members need to let Jan know their preferences after the meeting or via email

    Old Business

    Altar safety – Rev. Hensley, Laura Bickford, Mark Austin: Kneelers causing problems have been removed. Guard rails on steps may neither be feasible nor make a difference.

    Vince Heuring attended an online meeting with the Diocese Preparedness Committee, and a safety plan is being discussed.

    Facility Committee – Rev. Hensley: This was discussed at the retreat. It is a priority item. It was agreed that we need a facilities team with a liaison person, to be up and running and set priorities by the next meeting.

    New Business

• Sabbatical Information – Lane: Dates are May 15th to just before Labor Day. He will be giving out a written overview of his plans.

Compline/Closing Prayer – Jane Hodnik

Adjournment – Sr. Warden: Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday April 19th at 7:00 pm is Boy Scout Troop 131’s anniversary celebration.
  • Next Vestry meeting is Monday April 16th at 4:00pm.