Vestry Minutes Summary from January 9, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Summary of Minutes of Vestry Meeting
January 9, 2017

Called to order by: Steve Hanson, Sr. Warden, at 4:03 PM

Attendees: The The Rev. Lane Hensley, Robert Dean, Mary Ann Ekman, Steve Hanson, Sr Warden, Frank Jacobi-Lewis, Robin Nenninger-Nugent, Jan Romerdahl, Rita Saari, Meredith Hardy, Samantha Hirsch, Dave Strom, Jr. Warden. Vestry Officers: Debby Jansma, Clerk, Brad Burr, Treasurer

Fr Lane Hensley opened the meeting with a prayer.  Rita Saari followed with a moment of reflection on Passion & Spirituality.

Motion to approve the consent agenda made by Dave Strom and seconded by MaryAnn Ekman.  Approved by all.        Minutes from December 12, 2016


Treasurer Report: Brad Burr, Treasurer
Presented 2016 financial statements.

Stewardship: Robin Nugent
Progress reported

Thinking Ahead:  Meredith Hardy
Discussion of: New Corporation, Vestry Organization, Audit/Finance Committee, Election of Clerk. Conflict of Interest Policy, Vestry meetings dates/times, Retreat Program, New Vestry orientation.

Jr. Warden: Dave Strom
Reported on CAT survey.  Going live end of January.  Results will be presented at the vestry retreat in February for discussion.

Sr Warden: Steve Hanson
Grateful for time on Vestry.

Rectors Report: The Rev. Lane Hensley reported on the following items: Roof leak in sanctuary, Vince’s resignation, Al Fries’ death, Annual meeting on Jan. 25th, Solar Project, City Council Meeting, Jr. Warden for new year.

New Business:
Incoming Vestry Nominations – Rita: Brad Burr to replace David Skinner
Proposed slate for election to vestry: Laura Bickford, Robert Strong, Jane Hodnick and Jim Duke.
Motion to approve the slate by Meredith Hardy and seconded by Steve Hanson, Approved by all.

Election of Convention Delegates and Alternatives – Rita
Delegates: Wayne Burcham, Barb O’Malley, Mary Pons, David Kolmel, Wilma Marchant, MaryAnn Ekman Alternates: Judy Burton, Jon O’Connor, Gretchen Heuring, Carrie Starr, Helene Hanson, Lorraine Becker.
Motion to approve the slate by Meredith Hardy and seconded by Steve Hanson, Approved by all.

Discussion on Vince Heuring resignation and possible replacement. No action taken.

Fire System report and needed repairs:  Fr. Lane reviewed the report from Shasta Fire.
Bob Dean moved to approve the recommended repairs from the report, seconded by Steve Hanson,  All approved. 

Budget Presentation for 2017:
Brad Burr presented several scenarios.  Fr. Lane excused himself and the Vestry went into Executive session for discussion.  After much discussion, the Vestry went back into open session.  MaryAnn Ekman moved and Steve Hanson seconded to accept the scenario #9 which included a reduction of work hours for the finance department and expense reduction for the music department.  All Approved.

Fr. Lane thanked MaryAnn, Frank, Bob, Steve and David Skinner for their service on the Vestry.

Compline led by Samantha Hirsch


The meeting of the Vestry was adjourned, and concluded with compline, led by Samantha Hirsch at 6:15 PM.

Next Vestry MeetingFebruary 13, 2017

Minutes, submitted by Debby Jansma, vestry clerk, have been approved and were placed in the permanent records of the Vestry.