We Have an Interim Rector

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Kathleen Kelly will be serving as our Interim Rector with the full support of the Vestry and the Diocese. Kathleen has made such an incredible, positive impact on our community that the Vestry felt strongly she was the person we wanted to lead us through our transition. She is a true blessing to our SME family!

We are moving ahead into our transition process. Here are of few of the initiatives underway:

  • We have our second Lombard workshop coming up on June 21 and 22. The workshop deals with conflict transformational skills. We had almost 60 people attend the first workshop on Healthy Churches. There is no requirement of having attended the first workshop to attend the second one.
  • We are taking the first steps necessary for developing our Church Profile. We are preparing to deliver a SME survey and organizing for listening sessions.
  • We are beginning to develop an application form for both the Profile and the Search Committees.
  • There will be a Q & A forum on Sunday, May 5, after each service. Come and join your leadership team in discussion and discernment.

I am enthused and blessed by the upbeat energy I feel these days throughout the SME community! I know God is at the center of our well being and is guiding us in this journey.

Blessings to you ALL

Jan Romerdahl, Senior Warden