We’re Collecting School Supplies!

Even though the thermometer reminds us daily that we’re still in the midst of summer, for school-aged children in the Coachella Valley, summer is rapidly approaching its end. Within the next three weeks, all three school districts will be back in session for the 2018-2019 school year.

As a former educator, I’m reminded of the final weeks of summer vacation when I would begin to shop for school supplies to use in my own classroom. I’m also reminded of the Staples commercial that used to air, showing gleeful parents shopping for school supplies while their unhappy children followed behind. The premise was “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for the parents and not so much for the kids.

And as much as teachers enjoy their summer of rest and relaxation, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for them as well. The excitement of meeting new students and embarking on a year of discovery together is what draws people into the teaching profession. 

Most schools provide a list of needed supplies for the school year, and we know that parents are now beginning to shop for those supplies. We also know that families in need may have some difficulty with purchasing school supplies, and because of this, some students will report to school the first day with an empty backpack, while others will arrive with everything they need to be successful. We’d like to help several schools in the Valley by providing a stash of school supplies for teachers so they can be ready to help the students who weren’t able to get the supplies on the list.  

Beginning on Sunday, you’ll see an easel in the Narthex with post-it notes with various supplies to be purchased.  Take a note, take two, or take as many as you’d like, purchase the item(s) and return to the Church or office on or before August 20 so we can deliver to the schools before kids arrive. We will also provide some of the supplies at Neighbors 4 Neighbors on August 21 for parents who need assistance. 

Let’s give our teachers and their students a little help and launch them into a successful school year!


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Jim Duke is the Public Information Volunteer for St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert. In this role, he is Editor-in-Chief of St. Margaret's News, Podcast Creator and Host of "St. Margaret's in a Minute," coordinator for local media relations and assists with the management of St. Margaret's social media accounts.