We’re having a party, but you’re not invited!

Last December, St. Margaret’s hosted a party for our Neighbors4Neighbors clients. It was a tremendous success and very much appreciated by those who attended. We’re doing it again this year on December 10, and we need your help with the food.

Please bring food that has already been cooked/prepared (a casserole, a ham, lasagna, a cake, a salad, beans, pasta, stew, cookies, well, anything) to the curb outside Meyer’s Hall between 9:30 am and 1:00 p.m. Volunteers will be there to take the dish from your car to the buffet table.  Once your dish has been collected, you can drive away. You won’t even have to get out of your car.

It’s very important to use disposable containers covered with aluminum foil to keep heated dishes warm. We will be unable to return dishes to you at the end of the party.

There are signup sheets in both Karns Hall and the Narthex, so please let us know what you will be providing. Like last year, we expect to feed approximately 500 people that day. Entertainment once again will be provided by the ukulele group.

If you’re unable to provide food, donations are always welcome.

And remember, you’re not invited to the party!

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Jim Duke is the Volunteer Public Information Officer for St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert. In this role, he is Editor-in-Chief of St. Margaret's News, Podcast Creator and Host of "St. Margaret's in a Minute," coordinator for local media relations and assists with the management of St. Margaret's social media accounts. In addition, he is the Principal Lay Worship Leader and is a member of the Mission Possible Evangelism Team.